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Greetings and congratulations to all; now I am starting today’s tutorial of Bluestacks download – Today we will see how to install Bluestacks 5 software on your computer. We will first enter the website address we see in the video – After entering the website shown in the video, you will see the search box at the beginning of that website. After typing 05 in that search box, we will press the space button there. Then we will see 05 – Bluestacks Download For Windows 10, eight, seven, eleven, etc.

Bluestacks download

After typing 05, we will enter the link that came up. Then after entering that post you will see a button called GET and we will click on that button. Then we have to wait a few seconds. After waiting, we will see a lot of download buttons from which we can download bluestacks depending on the condition of our device. I’m downloading Bluestacks from the latest version button here from the latest version button here. 

Once downloaded, we will go to the download folder and see the Bluestacks software there. Then we will try to install it by double-clicking on that software. Then we will see the Yes and No buttons. We will continue the installation process by clicking on the Yes button. Bluestacks software will start installing. The first install button will appear. We will continue to install by clicking on the install button. It will then take time to download and install. How long it takes to download and install will depend on your internet connection and how many updates your device receives. 

Once it’s fully downloaded and installed, you’ll see the Google Play Store here. Log in to the Play Store and log in with a Gmail account and password. Bluestacks is ready for you.

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