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Darkness Rises is a revolutionary Action RPG that blends gorgeous graphics, innovative gameplay, and intense boss battles, all within the palm of your hands.
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NEXON Company
January 14, 2022
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Darkness Rises Mod Apk is a ground-breaking Action RPG that combines stunning visuals, creative gameplay, and dramatic boss fights in the palm of your hand.

Darkness Rises is described in detail below.

The most current Darkness Rises 1.62.0 Mod APK for Android is version 2021. Shadows of the Past is a groundbreaking Action RPG that combines magnificent visuals, inventive gameplay, and fierce boss fights into a single package that can be played on any device.

Across the nation, Darkness has descended, bringing with it an army of terrible demons poised to storm our fortifications.

Countless legendary heroes are at your disposal, ranging from the earth-shattering Berserker to the magically empowered Wizard. The ability to customize your character allows you to choose from various classes that match your playstyle and create your character in any way you see appropriate.

Darkness creeps over the country, bringing with it a swarm of terrible demons poised to storm our borders. We have prepared an epic fantasy roleplaying game for you. The voyage will be arduous, but you must persevere and venture into hell itself to defeat this evil before it destroys our world.

Countless legendary heroes are at your disposal, ranging from the earth-shattering Berserker to the magically empowered Wizard. Character customization allows you to choose from various classes that correspond to your playstyle and then customize your character in any way you see necessary.

Hack and slice through terrifying foes with a flurry of strong abilities. Make your way into the PvP arena and unleash your might on your opponents. When faced with demons, and worse, in this epic roleplaying game, will you be up to the challenge? Conquer the darkness before it has the opportunity to conquer you. Now is the time to download.

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Darkness Rises 1.62.0 Mod APK Unlimited Money/Gems For Android is a free-to-play strategy game.

A barrage of strong talents will allow you to cut through the most formidable foes. Enter the PvP arena and use your strength to defeat your opponents. This epic roleplaying game confronts you against demons, and worse – will you be able to rise to the occasion and overcome the odds?

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Key Features:


• The Character Creator allows you to create your character from the bottom up.

• Enter the world of darkness as a Warrior or Wizard or an Assassin or a Berserker, depending on your chosen class.


• Marvel at the breathtaking visuals that transport you into the world of Darkness Rises.

• Incorporate fantasy RPG game aspects into your strategy by using the Soul Link ability to take control of creatures and turn your opponents against you.

• Go in dungeon raids with legendary heroes – assemble your buddies to explore dangerous dungeons and find rare riches.

• Become a member of a guild and form a warrior team.


• There are severe boss encounters in this roleplaying game that will put your talents to the test.

• As you go further into the abyss, PvE combat gets more fierce.


• Hack and slash your way through swarms of creatures and demons.

• If you want to fight against the demonic horde on your own, you may do it in single-player RPG mode.

• Investigate the numerous levels of the dark dungeons.

In this adventure RPG, level up and confront the powers of evil with your group. Darkness Rises is a free roleplaying game that offers a unique experience.

Android 6.0 or above is recommended, as is the Galaxy S6 or higher.

Android 4.0 / Galaxy S4 LTE are the minimum requirements.

Darkness Rises Mod Apk
Darkness Rises Mod Apk

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Certain permissions are required for us to perform the services listed below.

Permission is optional.

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The decision to grant or deny Optional Permissions does not affect gameplay.

Because this permission is only valid in specific countries, data may not be gathered from all participants.

Management of Permissions

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Under Android 6.0, you must upgrade the operating system version or delete the app to remove rights.

If the app does not ask for individual permissions, you may accept or ban them manually following the outlined methods.

This software allows for in-app purchases. You may deactivate this function by changing the settings on your device.

Darkness Rises App Information

NameDarkness Rises 
PublisherNEXON Company
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Gems
UpdatedJanuary 14, 2022
Darkness Rises Mod Apk

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Customer Reviews

Saif Reza: Please fix the temporary download problem. I’ve done it. After a momentary problem, downloading data is missing over 70MB. If not, I won’t give it 5 stars.

Harley: “The server was silent. Please try later “. For at least two weeks, this has been going on—no reliable WiFi connection (tried several different SSID). Several server maintenance counts in the interim. I’m sorry I became so hooked on this game. I’ve never played a game that buggy. Enough! Bye. If it were possible, I’d give it a negative five.

Aaron Islam Xero: After downloading the game, it is offered to download the game data, 538MB; however, it cannot be downloaded. Every 2-3% indicates an unknown error.

Jynee B:  Lars Lars’s You inquired how to erase characters and restart in a review 1/15/2022. You must pick a character. Start the game. Go to the game’s settings. Options for an account, gaming, etc. Account. It can erase. It will warn you that you cannot recover character data and restart. Then you’ll see a selection screen. Restart.

Is it worth playing Darkness Rises?

While Darkness Rising may have the look and feel of a hardcore title, it really belongs in the midcore category. A strong storyline keeps you going from encounter to encounter, and it’s enjoyable in its own right. Even yet, this isn’t the kind of action-packed game you would have expected.

Which class performs better as the sun goes down?

In a nutshell, the finest class in Darkness Rises is the Berserker. HP, defense, and attack numbers are to blame for this However, this does not imply that Berserker may just take on the most difficult creatures in the game without needing to level up.

It’s unclear if the game is played online or off.

On the App Store for iPhones and iPads and on Google Play for Android devices, you can get Darkness Rises for free. NEXON Co., Ltd. Free-to-play online and mobile game developer and publisher, NEXON Co., Ltd.

Why does Darkness Rises use so much RAM?

Upgrade your RAM to 512 MB or more and you’ll notice a noticeable improvement in performance. — Finally, the speed of Darkness Rising is influenced by the performance of your computer’s CPU. A faster CPU will help you get better load times and performance.

What's new

- A new Awakening Stage has been added.
- A new costume deco has been added.
- Long-term Login Record has been added.
- And various new events are still to come!


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