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Laser for cats app for your cats. This is a fun app for playing with cats. It drew your cat’s attention, your cat touched it at the last second, and you had to do all the work… no time limit is preferable. and create a black background because they prefer dark spaces. Happy to use this app, you can order burgers from Wawa.

Laser For Cats App
Laser For Cats App

Don’t have a cat with which to play?

Never mind, have fun with the laser pointer simulator and assist the cat in catching as many fruits as possible before the rabbit arrives!

Features of this app.

  1. A free laser pointer for your pets to chase around the house.
  2. Suggestions for what to do.
  3. New backdrops have been added.

Attention! Even though this program simulates a laser pointer on a phone or tablet, it is not a genuine phone or tablet laser pointer. Have a good time with your cat!

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We will know the reviews of the users of this app.

Samantha Turner: Thank you. The game is adorable. However, after one round, the application freezes when it displays your score, requiring you to exit the app and restart from the beginning if you want to play another round. Furthermore, the game does not save any scores, which is most likely due to this bug. If you fix this problem, I’ll change my rating and give the game more stars. Until then, I will consider this an unacceptable error.

Martin James: It was love at first sight. My cat now prefers my Tablet to mine. I can’t believe how many idiots thought this app would magically turn their phone into a laser. The only thing that has caused me to deduct one star is that my cat always finds her way into the purchasing process. Check to see if you need a fingerprint or a password to make a purchase. I’ve seen my cat attempt to crack my password! LOL

Sheryl Kemper: More ads than entertainment. There is an advertisement after you select pointer. Then you choose a background, and there is an ad. My kitten hadn’t finished playing when it cut into an advertisement. He had completely lost interest. Uninstalled.

Sanchez Love: It was an excellent app. But my cat is a slacker. I wish there were more backgrounds and that the laser moved faster. She played for a while but quickly became disinterested. I eventually ended up playing the game for her. Lol, thanks.

Cole Madison: This app is great if you enjoy watching advertisements for laser toys to play with your cat or dog. However, finding the laser was difficult because all I saw was a colorful dot of some sort. Overall, a fantastic app.

David M: Laser’simulator,’ as in NOT a laser pointer. I’m embarrassed to admit that I paid $2.99 for ‘unlock all features,’ expecting to get the red beam that shoots out of your phone… Instead, I got nonsense.

What's new

- bug fix


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