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YouCut is the best Video Editor, best Video Trimmer and Joiner app for YouTube and other social media.
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YouCut is a free video editor for Windows pc. Download Youcut Video Editor For PC and get the best features of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media editing tools all in one place! Download Youcut now to start editing your videos from your desktop. You can turn your favorite photos or videos into professional-looking videos in minutes with YouCut. All you need are some memories and this great app!

Create your videos from photos and video clips with YouCut in minutes. No experience is needed!

If you want to use Youcut on your computer. Then first you need to install BlueStacks.

Then, on that BlueStacks you can run Youcut.

First: Watch this video

Then: Watch this video

YouTube player

Add Music to Video

It’s a professional TikTok editor, YouTube intro maker, and Instagram story cutter that fulfills all of your demands.

  1. YouCut’s music player is a great place to get started. Go to YouCut, search for free featured music, and double-click on any song you like to add to your library. This way, you won’t need Google Play Music or Spotify.
  2.  Make movies with your music in them.
  3. It’s easy enough to adjust the original video volume.
YouCut - Video Editor & Maker

Great video editing software for beginners and intermediate

– Aiden C

Video Compressor And Converter

1. Use the resolution to compress and convert your video. Best HD video maker for free & Tik Tok editor.

2. YouCut – 4K support is built into the Pro Video Maker and MP4 editor.

3. YouCut uses cutting-edge technology to save more than 90% of space while maintaining excellent quality.

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Video Background Change Easy

Select the blank canvas, choose different border color, and no crop video.

  1. Make your video more interesting by changing the color of its background.
  2. Instagram Stories makes use of a white backdrop, which can most easily be integrated into social media apps such as Instagram. The ideal Instagram story cutter software.

3. Use a professional-looking black background to make your film seem more professional.

4. Don’t you like the light color? You may utilize a blurred background instead.

Movie Maker and Video Editor Free

YouCut is the perfect app for any person looking to edit their videos. With YouCuts most popular features like Facebook Live, trimming video clips with ease, and more, there’s no need to pay extra!

Video Merger And Video Joiner

With the fast-paced world of social media, it’s more important than ever to have a video that stands out. That is where “Video Joiner” comes into play! This program allows you to edit and shape your videos with ease and merge them seamlessly for an amazing final product – all without losing quality or editing time.

Garena Free Fire Max

Video Trimmer And Video Cutter

The best video cutter and editor. With this app, you can cut your videos as needed to fit the mold of any event or occasion with music included! You’ll never have an unimpressive homemade vlog again thanks to its easy-to use features like Instagram story maker, so now it is time for all those who want their content to be seen on social media platforms such as YouTube to get serious about making a name for themselves in today’s digital world!

Video Splitter And Video Slicer

Is your video too long to watch in one sitting? Slice and separate it into two clips with this free app for Android. The user interface is intuitive, so you can get right down to editing without knowing what features are available!

Video Speed Control

1. Fast/Slow motion function (Adjust video speed from 0.2× to 100×)

2. Video editing and changing video speed with video effects and filters.

3. In a fun way, slow down videos.

4. For particular times, slow down the film

Making Photo Slideshow

  1. This application is a great way to combine your videos into one fantastic video. You may use this program for free to make a music video, or you can use it for commercial purposes if you wish. It’s very easy to use, and all of the features are simple to find!
  1. Combine videos and photographs to create professional-looking films.
  1. Slideshow maker, also known as a slideshow creation tool, helps you make a slideshow in minutes.

No Watermark

YouCut never adds a watermark to your video as a free music video editor and full-screen YouTube video creator.

Video Filters And FX Effects

Enhance your videos with professional movie-style video effects and FX. Without a watermark, it’s a film editor and movie maker.

AdjustVideo Color

Fully featured video editing app put together with an eye for creativity. Try out our filters and effects; it’s the best in town!

Change Video Aspect Ratio

Fit your video in any aspect ratios like 1:1, 16:9, or 3:2. Use these tools for easy cropping of videos without having to be an expert videographer!

YouCut - Video Editor & Maker
Youcut Video Editor For Pc

Youcut Video Editor For Pc

One of the greatest free video editing tools on the market today. Video editing program users are often concerned about new difficulties that may arise. In general, I’d want to address the watermark. There’s no watermark here. As a result, don’t be bothered by little details. Using the Youcat for video editing isn’t as difficult as you would think. It’s because there will be no more performances. In video editing, the user may simply alter the background. The Youcut function is always supported for the 4K MP4 and the ability to adjust the video’s quality. Despite the fact that there are countless uses here. The editing video clip can be cut, flipped, or inserted with effects. The video will benefit from the use of all of these features. Such video editing tools will continue to be developed indefinitely. The Youcut apk must be downloaded by the reader.

In the preceding paragraph, I said that the user may include background music into the film they were making. There are vast repositories of music available for this purpose. Only the appropriate one must be selected by the user, and then the music is flawlessly blended. The volume of the background music may also be controlled. As your mood improves, you may change the video’s pace. Slow motion or time-lapse might help you get a better sense of what you’re looking at. If the user desires any open space, this can be accommodated. And to spice things up, turn your videos into slideshows. It’s important to note that the Youcut Apk will never annoy its users with trivial details.


Q: Does it cost anything to use this?

A: Yes, you may use it for free. Using it won’t cost you anything more.

Q: What is the app’s primary function?

A: Video editing and movie creating are both possible with the Youcut apk. Despite the fact that it may be used to do a variety of changes to videos.

The Youcut apk has both pros and cons.

The Youcut apk is a breeze to work with because of how simple it is to use. Video slicing software is featured here. The Youcut apk has a variety of editing tools that may be used free of charge. Despite the fact that the Youcut apk has a dedicated option for live recording.

When a person watches a video, they are aware that music may be added. However, the feature is very restricted. The Youcut editor, however, has a frequent criticism. When videos are posted to YouTube, a black border appears around them. That problem will be solved soon. There is, however, no way to go back in time when editing. That action cannot be undone. Youcut apk doesn’t even support all video formats. Because the Youcut editor does not support certain file types.

The last word.

The Youcut apk is described in detail in the following facts. As a result, the Youcut apk is the ideal video editing app for everybody who needs it. Regardless of how easy it is, it is the ideal location to start learning. Try it out for a day and see the results for yourself.

What's new

* PIP mask and blending supported * Filter and fit/fill tools for PIP * New fonts and sounds * Bug fixes and other improvements How do you like the new features? Feel free to contact us at or DM us on Instagram at



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