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Hello, everybody. I’m Omi from App Store In this article, I will also demonstrate how to install a Google Chrome profile on the desktop version of the Google Chrome web browser. Adding profiles to Google Chrome means that each profile user on the same machine has their own customized online browsing experience. If you have multiple Google accounts, such as one for work and one for personal use, you can associate a profile with each account to keep your bookmarks and browsing history distinct. Note that it is not possible to create profiles in the Google Chrome app for iOS and Android devices. Now let’s examine how to add Google Chrome profiles to the desktop web browser.

Step one : is to run Google Chrome on your computer, followed by clicking your profile image in the upper right corner of the screen. A menu is presented.

Step two : is to select add from the menu. The window to add a person is displayed.

step third: Enter a name for your new Google Chrome account, then select a profile image, and then select whether or not you want to create a desktop shortcut icon to Google Chrome for this user by clicking add.

Step four : if you don’t want to attach a Google account to this profile, you can click get started to begin using this profile, which will only be accessible on that computer, without linking it to a Google account. In this instance, I will link this Google Chrome profile to an existing Google account. So I’ll click already a Chrome user sign-in to display the sign-in screen for Chrome.

step fifth: Enter the email address and password connected with the Google account. If you want to link to your new Google Chrome profile, you will arrive on the screen to enable synchronization. Choose if you wish to enable the sync option, and you’ll be taken to the Google Chrome home screen. Observe that the Google Chrome account profile you added is now the active profile.

step six : You may switch between Google Chrome profiles at any moment by clicking the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and then selecting the desired profile from the menu. If you have several Google Chrome profiles, keep in mind that the profile you were using in the previous Chrome browser instance you closed on this computer will be the profile you start with the next time you launch Google Chrome.

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