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Invest in stocks, options, and ETFs with Robinhood Financial. Buy and sell crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Dogecoin with Robinhood Crypto. All commission-free with no account minimums. Other fees may apply*.
3.8/5 Votes: 444,013
February 11, 2022
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Did ordinary people give reviews using Robinhood? Review Robinhood app, Learn, then use. With Robinhood Financial, you may buy and sell stocks, options, and ETFs in various markets. Robinhood Crypto lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Neither fees nor minimums apply to any of these transactions. Additional expenses may be incurred.

UpdatedFebruary 11, 2022
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Review Robinhood App
Review Robinhood App

Steven Valentine (User): It’s a wonderful app! There was no glitch in any of the features that I’ve tested so far. This is the only investment app I use, and it’s the best out there. When I’ve searched for a few stocks, they’ve either been unavailable or not supported. My understanding is that it is impossible for you to offer free or reasonably priced services to a large number of people and have all of your merchandise on hand at the same time. Doing a fantastic job! Could you make an effort to keep it up?

Frank Bliss (User): I’m in awe of you. That’s all well and good, but, You’ll be put on hold if you’re an active trader because orders are outsourced. There are a plethora of superior free alternatives available these days. Scaled down to 1 star because of heavy order skimming. While the stock price was steadily falling, I noted a whole $.05 to $.10 PER SHARE with no positive movement on any chart. Extremely fast swiping. This is a true act of robbery. I’d rather pay a broker $25 for a trade that costs 5 cents on 500 shares. It’s time for a major lawsuit.

Chris Carruth(User): I’d like to use this opportunity to thank you for It has been the most aggravating experience I have had in a long time attempting to get in touch with customer support at this company. No progress was made on my case after being asked to verify the same information by four or more representatives more than a dozen times. I requested callbacks several times but never received any. Every time a new communication from customer service comes through, the entire process is restarted. A phone number is not available, and there is no one to talk to, making it impossible for clients to get help. No thanks. No, not today, not tomorrow, and not ever. There are excellent tools available. That’s a low standard.

Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned pro, we have the resources to assist you. Thanks to innovations like fee-free trading and user-friendly interfaces, investing has never been easier or more inexpensive. You’ll get your first stock for free from us to get you started. There are some restrictions.

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When you join Robinhood, you’ll gain the following.

We’ll teach you how to invest in ETFs, equities, and options so that you can better understand financial markets.

Real-time data and alerts regarding market happenings and analyst ratings are just a few of the many tools available to traders.

We offer a wide range of security options to keep your account safe and secure, and we’re here to help. We have a staff of experts ready to assist you whenever you need it, as well as 24/7 phone assistance via the app. You can make your money work harder for you with our wide range of items.

STOCKS, ETFs, OPTIONS, and CRYPTO are all examples of financial instruments.

You may invest in stocks, ETFs, and options with Robinhood Financial. It is possible to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), and Ethereum Classic (ETC) using Robinhood Crypto.

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Pay your bills, mail checks, and more with your salary. You’ll also be able to make money on your unused funds and have more control over your brokerage account.


Consider your investment objectives and risks carefully before deciding to invest.

Ranged. Co/fees provide access to the fee schedule for Robinhood Financial.

Sign up, be accepted, and link your bank account to the **Free Stock program. For further information, please visit the stock.

The company is a SIPC member. Up to $500 000 of your assets are insured. See for further information. However, this does not protect against a decrease in their worth on the market.

Your Robinhood Financial LLC brokerage account comes with an additional function called Cash Management. Program banks are responsible for paying interest on unspent funds. Not a bank: Robinhood Financial As a result of a license from Mastercard® International Incorporated, the Robinhood debit card is issued by Sutton Bank, a member of the FDIC.

Robinhood Crypto has an account for cryptocurrency trading. SIPC and FINRA are not members of Robinhood Crypto. Because cryptocurrencies aren’t stocks, they’re not covered by the FDIC or SIPC. It’s possible that you could lose all of your money if you invest in cryptocurrencies. Visit rbnhd. Co/cryptos for more information.

Because of the inherent risk and speculative nature of initial public offerings may not be suitable for all investors. Visit rbnhd. Co/IPOAccess to learn more.

Fractional shares are not transferrable outside of Robinhood. Orders for fractional shares of some securities are not permitted. Visit to learn more.


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