SideBar Apk.

SideBar Apk
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Looking for a solid side menu app? SideBar APK is the perfect application for you. It has a simple UI and all the customizing tools you need, with an easy-to-use interface. You can display your favorite apps at the top of the screen and quickly access them with your thumb. Not only that, but it also has forceful motions! Overall, this software is fantastic for Android users!

Hands down, a favorite app of mine that has been a real lifesaver is SideBar Apk Pro. This app allows you to multitask and manage your tasks quickly and easily, all from the convenience of one screen! With this app, I can open up my email while browsing through articles on the internet while still keeping track of what I need to get done today. The list is constantly updating with new items as I complete them! It’s super easy to use and completely customizable.

SideBar Apk

Do you want a menu bar? Have a SideBar Apk ?

Sidebar Apk is the perfect app for you. The app allows you to clean up your phone by eliminating any unnecessary icons or menus. SideBar is very minimalistic, non-intrusive, and functional. With the simple swipe of a finger, you can easily change settings such as brightness, volume etc.

It’s quick, efficient, and flexible enough to meet your specific needs. Add your favorite applications to the sidebar, and then swipe in from the edge of the screen to quickly access them. There is no better mobile operating system than Apple’s iOS — it’s time to switch!

UpdatedJanuary 13, 2014
Current Version4.4.0
Requires Android2.1 and up
Offered ByMohammad Adib
Sidebar Pro

Features of SideBar Apk.

  1. As many apps and switches to the SideBar Apk.
  2. Live running apps, indicators for running.
  3. Task management can kill running applications (swipe applications that are running to end them)
  4. Customized sizes, colors, opacity and places
  5. It starts when you boot
  6. Affected by a tiny RAM fingerprint, it can hurt battery life.
  7. Ongoing notifications can be disabled(4.1+) or hidden.
  8. A variety of widgets to pick from (Home App Drawer, Home WiFi mobile Data, Bluetooth, GPS and more), Sound, Rotation, Brightness, Torch and Play/Pause/Skip Music)

Sidebar Pro removes the restrictions imposed on the light edition, allowing for greater customizability and functionality – raising the Sidebar to its purest and most flawless form. Sidebar Pro has all the bells and whistles.

An Android software called Sidebar Lite provides a handy drop-down sidebar. You have the option of moving the sidebar to the right instead of the left of the screen if you so choose.

It’s also possible to alter the size and thickness of the region where the drop-down function of the bar will be used. Of course, once you have the bar, you may personalize it. Activate or disable Bluetooth, switch on or off WiFi, and any other applications you like.

Simple and lightweight, Sidebar Lite allows you to personalize your Android smartphone in various ways. However, the Sidebar may be really handy for tablets and larger smartphones.

Pros And Cons

Multi-tasking has never been easier with this app.Sometimes Lags or Crashes.
Uses Only a Minimal Amount of EnergyDoes Not Have a Folder Option
There are a slew of options available.Icons Cannot Be Organized
Easy to Setup
Pros And Cons

The sidebar is a work in progress. The idea was born long before Ubuntu Phone and similar apps. The creator provides a polished experience. Sidebar is the best multitasking software for Android. Keep up with XDA

Pinterest Lite App

The new Sidebar Lite app takes the best of both worlds. It gives you the ultimate convenience while preserving your privacy.

Sidebar Lite is convenient and makes it so that your privacy is protected.
Convenience and privacy are combined in the new Sidebar Lite app.
Camera The torch widget needs a connection to the camera to function.
Network Switches to Wi-Fi or Mobile Network require network permissions
Stop Background Processes that Run: Task Management in the Sidebar is a requirement for this authorization (swipe applications that are running to end them)

“Minimalistic, non-intrusive, and very functional” 

 XDA Developer TV

“The greatest discovery you will make” 

 Android Authority

The app is extremely easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge to navigate.

The Bottom line: Sidebar Lite is a new app that has revolutionized how we interact with our mobile devices. It’s easy to use, but it is also more than worth the price.

Sidebar Lite is a trademark of Mohammad Adib, all rights reserved. Click the above link to get the apk file or purchase the program.

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