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Looking for a fun, free, and simple educational app to help your toddler learn phonics and trace letters of the alphabet? Look no further than ABC Kids.
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ABC Phonics App is an ABC alphabet tracing app that helps your child read and write using traditional ABC phonics. In addition, The Phonics App teaches letter sounds, letter names, and reading/writing ABCs. Teachers have reviewed this app who believe it can be used in classrooms for children aged 8.

ABC Kids is a free phonics and alphabetic teaching app for children, from toddlers up to preschoolers. It features tracing games that help kids recognize letter shapes while also helping them associate letters with phonic sounds to put their knowledge of English or American spelling together through fun matching exercises! Any child can use this program regardless of just learning how each sound corresponds with its symbol – even adults will have hours upon endless hrs fingering away at these addictive little dances onscreen because every step takes you one step closer towards bilingualism (or trilingual!).

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ABC Phonics App is more than an educational mobile apk for kids. Phonics App was developed with adult involvement in mind. The interface is designed to keep toddlers focused on the alphabet and writing while keeping menu commands from the fingers of users who need assistance or are looking to manage their actions. Adults can access settings that allow them to engage in Teachers Mode that lets to see the work your child did at school, as well as report cards, if available in the district’s system! The adult model also offers Tracing Games, which means you can instruct without having the capability to touch anything thanks to technology.

ABC Kids is the perfect way to keep your child entertained and learning. This app has various activities, including games that teach letter sounds and math lessons like counting up or down by pictures in order from smallest size out most considerable! It even includes pronunciation guidelines so you won’t have any trouble with school next year.

The best part? You don’t need an internet connection at home—perfect if they are always on the go like us grownups who can never get enough battery life with these smartphones of ours!

ABC Phonics App Features:

  • ABC Phonics App is an ABC app that helps teach children Ages up to 8 to read. ABC Phonics App has various features, including ABC Words and ABC Alphabet Tracing for tracing letters in the alphabet. ABC Phonics App is an excellent tool for parents who want their children to have a head start on reading!
  • The app includes ABC tracing games, phonics pairing, and letter matching.
  • Trace the letters of your name, listen to how they’re pronounced and match them up.
  • The children’s game was designed to help them focus on phonics and letters without getting distracted. The interface is brilliant, so they can’t accidentally quit playing it!
  • The best part of this app is that it doesn’t have any ads, in-app purchases, or tricks. Instead, it’s just pure educational fun!
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Hello Parents

When ABC Kids was created, we wanted to build a fun and engaging experience for both adults and children. We’re parents ourselves, so what often feels like paywalls or in-app purchases can be frustrating when your kids want something too! But not only do they distract from the learning process but also make it difficult for those trying their best with focus elsewhere because there’s always another ad popping up after every few seconds of content viewing. Is that being said? Our mission at SickKids is simple: To create an educational platform that allows families to share time without distractions while ensuring each member gets+ learns.

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What's new

Ready to help your children learn while having fun? ABC Kids makes it easy to train their brains and learn the ABCs through a wide variety of mini-games, all for FREE! Colorful graphics, collectible stickers, and lots of puzzles to solve, all without in-app purchases or third party ads. Our latest update to ABC Kids features numerous bug fixes and performance improvements designed to make it easier for children to learn while playing. Download now and let the education begin!


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