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“Math Playground” is comprised of various Web pages operated by Math Playground, LLC and located at 

Math Playground is offered to users subject to your agreement to our terms of service, without modifications to our terms, conditions, and notices. This applies to the use of both the paid and free editions available on Math Playground. Your usage of the services of Math Playground constitutes your agreement to all these conditions, terms, and notices.

Math Playground

Multimedia content, such as videos, games, and printables, are intended for use on the internet only. You cannot save, download, replicate or modify the content, send, store, distribute or make derivative versions from our content without obtaining written permission of Math Playground. The content available on Math Playground may only be displayed on domains owned and operated by Math Playground, LLC. You cannot display our proprietary or license-free content on any site or platform online directly or via using iFrames. You cannot make screenshots or videos from any part of Math Playground without Math Playground, LLC’s written permission.

Content on the site, including but not restricted to games activities, videos, games, and printables, could be modified anytime through Math Playground, LLC. The website may add new content, and other content could disappear from the site. Premium content included in the paid membership can be released for free. Free content could be considered premium and added to your paid subscription. Any decisions regarding the accessibility or accessibility and cost of content are in Math Playground, LLC’s sole and complete choice.

Math Playground, LLC reserves the right to alter the website, remove, suspend or remove completely or in parts (temporarily or permanently at any time and at any the time and without notice) any information, materials, or other content that is available via the Math Playground website, including not limiting the termination of all activities that are associated to any activities that are associated with the Math Playground website. You agree that unless to the extent mandated by law, Math Playground, LLC is not liable to you or any third party in connection with any change, suspension, or removal on the Math Playground website or any portion of it.


You agree to defend and defend Math Playground, LLC, and its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, agents, or other partners, as well as employees, against any demand or claim, including reasonable attorney’s costs, brought by any third party arising out of or arising from your access and use of the Math Playground, your violation of the terms and conditions of service, your violation of any rights of another individual or entity, or your violation of any applicable law or regulation.


Math Playground grants you revocable permission to link to Math Playground provided that any link: (a) must not frame or create a border or browser surrounding any of the material that is on Math Playground or otherwise mirror any aspect or portion of Math Playground; (b) cannot imply any claim that Math Playground is endorsing or supporting any third party, or its products or services or its products or services, or any other products or services unless Math Playground has given the third party prior written consent. (c) should not provide false information regarding, discredit, degrade, or in any way, Math Playground’s opinion, cause harm to Math Playground or its products or services. (d) cannot use all Math Playground trademarks or logos without the prior written consent by Math Playground; (e) must not contain any content that could be perceived as offensive, defamatory or inconvenient, or in any other way objectionable to Math Playground’s own opinion. (f) should not contain any images that you downloaded directly via Math Playground or screenshots of Math Playground, and (g) must be controlled and owned through you or by the entity or person who is putting the link up or otherwise allow you to allow such link by these Conditions. Without limiting anything else stated within these terms, Math Playground reserves the right to block links with Math Playground for any reason at our sole and sole discretion.

Math Playground reserves the right but not the obligation to review or monitor your behavior in Math Playground. The use you make, and use of Math Playground is subject to any applicable local or state laws and national and international laws and regulations.

By the use of Math Playground, you agree not to publish, transmit or provide via or related to Math Playground:

  • Anything that could be unlawful, defamatory or illegal, offensive, or protected by trademark, copyright trade secret, or any other right of proprietary nature without the explicit prior permission by the owner of the rights.
  • Computer code or program, or software that is harmful or infected be designed to harm or interfere with the operation of or monitor any piece of software, hardware, or other equipment.
  • Any material you don’t have a right to share under any law or in fiduciary or contractual arrangements (such as inside information or private information discovered or disclosed in employment agreements or under non-disclosure agreements).
  • Interfere or disrupt the functioning or operation of Math Playground or the servers or networks that provide Math Playground available; or breach any of such networks’ rules or policies, procedures, rules, or guidelines.
  • You intentionally gain access to Math Playground, other accounts, and computer systems linked with Math Playground through password mining or other methods.
  • Utilize any spider, robot, or site search/retrieval software, or other automated or manual device to find and index “scrapes,” “data mines,” or any other way to take content or material that is from Math Playground or reproduce or override the navigational structure and the presentation and layout that is part of Math Playground.
  • Engage in any behavior deemed unsuitable, unlawful, or offensive at Math Playground’s absolute discretion.


As a condition for your access to Math Playground’s website, you agree to the Math Playground website. You promise to tell Math Playground, LLC that you are not using Math Playground for any purpose prohibited or unlawful in these conditions, rules, and notices. It would help if you did not utilize Math Playground in any manner that could harm, hinder, overload, or hinder Math Playground, LLC or hinder any other user’s access to, use, or enjoyment of Math Playground. You are not allowed to obtain or try to get any information, materials, or information by any means not specifically made available or made available via Math Playground.


Anything sent via Math Playground by email, regular mail, or through submission forms found on the site is the sole right of the editor. The publisher is entitled to make unlimited use of these submissions for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without compensation to the person who made the submissions.


All contents of Math Playground are copyrighted as of the year that appears at the bottom of the home page of, Math Playground, LLC, and its suppliers. All rights are reserved. The names of the actual businesses and products featured within Math Playground may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Any rights that are not explicitly granted on this site are reserved.

The law that applies

By visiting You agree to submit to the exclusive and personal court jurisdiction located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.


It could be that the services or other assets of Math Playground, LLC might be purchased in the context of a merger or acquisition. If this happens, you accept that Math Playground, LLC may transfer its rights under these terms and conditions and that your data could be passed on to the succeeding company.

LIABILITY Disclaimer

The MATH PLAYGROUND and THE MATH PLAYGROUND LLC’s WEBSITE SERVICES and CONTENT collection are provided “as-is” with no exceptions.

The information, software products, and services available through MATH PLAYGROUND may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. Changes are regularly added to the information herein. MATH PLAYGROUND, LLC and its suppliers may make improvements or changes to the MATH PLAYGROUND. MATH PLAYGROUND LLC OR ITS SUPPLIERS DO NOT MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS TO THE SUITABILITY, RELIABILITY, AVAILABILITY, or TIMELINESS accuracy of the information products, software services, and related graphics that are available on MATH PLAYGROUND for any purpose. Math Playground, LLC and its suppliers disclaim all warranties and conditions regarding this information and the software, products, services, and related graphics, including all implied warranties or conditions of quality, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement. The maximum amount permitted by law, in ALL CASES, MATH PLAYGROUND LLC and its SUPPLIERS be held liable for any DIRECT or indirect, punitive or SPECIAL INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES or DAMAGES whatsoever, including, without exclusion, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF or use of, DATA OR PROFITS, caused by or arising OUT of or in any way connected with the use or performance of MATH PLAYGROUND with the delay or inability to use MATH PLAYGROUND or RELATED SERVICES, OR THE PROVISION of or the inability to provide services, or for any information, software, products, and RELATED GRAPHICS OBTAINED via MATH PLAYGROUND or OTHERWISE related to or arising OUT from the use of MATH PLAYGROUND, irrespective of whether based on contract, tort or NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY or OTHERWISE even if MATH PLAYGROUND LLC or any of its suppliers has been advised of the possibility of DAMAGES. Since certain jurisdictions and states do not permit the exclusion of or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, the above limitation does not apply to the extent permitted by law. If you are unhappy with the MATH PLAYGROUND PORTION or any of the terms of service listed above, the ONLY AND FINAL remedy is to stop using MATH PLAYGROUND.

Access Restriction/Termination

Math Playground, LLC reserves the right, at the sole discretion of Math Playground, LLC, to revoke the access you have to Math Playground and the related services or any part of it without prior notice. To the fullest extent allowed by the law, this agreement is bound by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the United States of America, in all respects, regardless of its conflicts of law provisions. You agree that any action at law or in equity that arises from or related to the terms and conditions must be brought only in the federal or state courts of Suffolk County, Boston, Massachusetts, the United States of America for any dispute that arises out of or relates to the usage of the Math Playground. The use of Math Playground is unauthorized in any jurisdiction that fails to apply all the conditions of these terms and conditions, including but not limited to this clause. You agree that no partnership, joint venture, or employment connection exists between you and Math Playground, LLC in connection with this agreement or your use of Math Playground. Math Playground, LLC’s performance of this agreement is subject to the current laws and legal processes. Nothing in this agreement should be construed as a waiver or in violation of Math Playground, LLC’s right to comply with government as well as law enforcement requirements or requests related to the access to Math Playground or information provided to or collected from Math Playground, LLC with regards to this use. If any portion in this contract is deemed to be unenforceable or invalid under applicable law, including the warranty disclaimers, not only the warranty disclaimers as well as the limits on liability that are set forth above, the ineffective or unenforceable clause will be considered to have been overruled by a valid, legally binding provision that closely corresponds to the purpose of the original agreement. The remaining provisions of the agreement will remain in force. Except as otherwise stated, the agreement is the complete agreement between the customer and Math Playground, LLC regarding Math Playground. Math Playground and it supersedes any prior or contemporaneous communication and proposals, whether electronic, written, or oral, that is among the users and Math Playground, LLC about the subject matter of Math Playground. The printed version of this agreement, as well as any electronic notice made in the form, will be admissible in judicial and administrative proceedings based on or in connection with this agreement in the same manner and with the same restrictions as other documents of business and records that were created in a printed format. It is the explicit wish of the parties to have this agreement and all associated documents written in English.

MODIFICATION of these terms of service

Math Playground, LLC reserves the right to alter the conditions, terms, and notices offered by Math Playground. The effective date will be announced on the front of this contract if any modifications are made to the agreement.


Math Playground, LLC currently provides two Subscription Plans comprised of the Family Premium Premium and Classroom Premium. Each Subscription Plan comes with three Payment Plans comprising monthly, quarterly, and annual payment options. Math Playground, LLC reserves the right to modify the terms of its Subscription Plans or payment Plans at any time and for any reason. These plans and subscriptions that are currently in use may be terminated. New subscription plans and payment Plans could be added. Pricing for Payment Plans may increase or decrease. Any changes made are entirely and the only choice by Math Playground, LLC.

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