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Official CALL OF DUTY® designed exclusively for mobile phones. Play iconic multiplayer maps and modes anytime, anywhere. 100 player Battle Royale battleground? Fast 5v5 team deathmatch? Sniper vs sniper battle? Activision’s free-to-play CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE has it all.
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Call of Duty Mobile Apk Only for mobile phones, the official CALL OF DUTY(r). You can play iconic multiplayer maps and modes anywhere, anytime. 100 player Battle Royale battleground? Deathmatch between 5v5 teams? Sniper vs sniper battle? Activision’s CALL OF DUTY(r): MOBILE is free to play.

Infinity Ward made many bold claims in the lead up to Modern Warfare’s release this year. It’s a remake of a beloved franchise, so it should feel new but familiar. It is darker and more gritty than ever, but it won’t be overdone. The new technology it uses isn’t likely to be available until the next generation, but it works on standard launch PS4. It’s a great game, despite all the hype surrounding Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

This review won’t detail the new tech, but I will say that the promises were kept and that things previously shown behind closed doors work just as well in the open. Modern Warfare’s latest tech was extensively covered earlier in the year. It all works well. It’s even better now that I have it running on my home launch PS4 multiple times (alpha, beta and now release copy).

Although your launch PS4 won’t look as great as if it was running on a PS4 Pro Pro, Infinity Ward seems to have managed to get every last bit of graphics goodness from the PS4. Modern Warfare was quickly compared to Sony’s exclusives in terms of its technical capabilities. It’s already next-gen.


Competitive Ranked Mode allows you to use strategy and skill to defeat your opponents or win Clan prizes. In this exciting multiplayer shooter, you can compete with millions of friends or foes.


High-definition HD gaming for your phone, with customizable controls and voice and text messaging, as well as thrilling 3D graphics. You can now enjoy the thrill of the best-loved shooter game on your phone.

Call of Duty Mobile Apk
Call of Duty Mobile Apk

Standing on a Unified Front

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has achieved something different from any other game. This game unifies all aspects of both the game and the player bases surrounding it. Your account progress and account experience can be carried across all modes. No matter what model you choose, you will still earn experience for your profile and weapons. All of it feels rewarding. Infinity Ward did a fantastic job in achieving parity of Multiplayer and Campaign feel.

This AAA release is the first to offer cross-progression and cross-play compatibility across all platforms. Your Activision account linked to this release allows you to access the above experience and unlocks on any platform. Cross-play, progression and all other functions work seamlessly. You wouldn’t know the difference if you didn’t see the icons showing other players’ media. Although voice chat can be difficult because of the loading screens that sometimes cut audio for a few seconds, it allows you to party with other players on PC or Xbox One (assuming your PS4).

Friends and family are no longer divided because they purchased Call of Duty on different platforms. Modern Warfare should have a long tail because of cross-play. Instead of having three-player bases that shrink as time goes by, Infinity Ward can continue to support Modern Warfare for a longer time.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a model for the future of video games. It uses a new technology that gives it a quality and polish rarely seen in other games. It takes a bold approach to a campaign mode that is simple and sticks. However, it returns to the drawing board for multiplayer, reviving a Call of Duty feeling long forgotten.

Spec Ops may be the weakest link. It lacks the same polish as the other modes, but it offers lots of fun for those willing to keep at it. Modern Warfare reclaims the Call of Duty experience ten years ago and rediscovers many tenets lost along its journey.

The Classic COD Feeling Ah! But what is Call of Duty without its multiplayer option? This is where players must create a rational separation between the two experiences. The multiplayer is dark and gritty, and it springs from the campaign’s foundations. However, it’s also an entertainment product that can be used repeatedly.

Both experiences will be better if you can agree with these two things. Infinity Ward redesigned the multiplayer from scratch and took it back to the drawing boards. They sought to understand what makes Call of Duty classic so beloved by players and decided to remove some of the older elements that had started to creep into the game or stay put.

Modern Warfare asks, “What if Infinity Ward created Modern Warfare 2019?” Forget about the scorestreaks and wall runs, jet jumps, and scorestreaks that have been a part of the game’s history over the past ten years. What was the most extraordinary thing about Modern Warfare’s multiplayer? While the new multiplayer is still fast-paced, it slows down and rewards tactical and thoughtful play. You will still have your snipe gods, which can still quickly scope you across the map. But the simple fact that sniper ranged maps are relevant again in Call of Duty makes it a miracle.


You can now play iconic multiplayer maps from Call of Duty (r): Black Ops or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (r), which are available for the first time for free. You can also team up with your friends to play a 100-player battle royale survival map. Enjoy the games with millions of players around the world.


You can unlock and earn dozens of famous characters, weapons and outfits as you play CALL of Duty(r): MOBILE. These items can then be used to personalize your loadouts. These load-outs can be used to fight in Battle Royale and other exciting PvP multiplayer like Frontline, Search and Destroy and Domination, Hardpoint, and Frontline.

Special Operations.

Spec Ops, which is deceptively called “Co-Op”, can be found on the main menu. It’s perhaps the least accessible mode for the average player. It’s a co-op, in the most basic sense, but it is also challenging. Call of Duty’s cooperative Horde modes has had this signature in many ways.

Zombies is a notoriously tough-as-nails mode. Infinity Ward wanted to maintain a grounded realism throughout the game. This meant that Zombies mode was not available. Instead, the four-player Spec Ops mission is public.

The four Spec Ops missions were designed with momentum in view. It is not enough to clear one wave of the enemy and then wait for a reprieve before moving on to the next mission. Keep moving, communicate well, and be patient. These are not things you will be able to get rid of the first time.

They can be compared to Modern Warfare’s Raids. Although they aren’t as heavy on mechanics as Destiny, they will present a challenge to even the most dedicated players. Call of Duty Mobile Apk


In gameplay, events and controls, and loadouts, CALL DUTY(r), MOBILE delivers complexity and depth in an always-changing environment.


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