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Ninja Raiden Revenge Free Download
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Ninja Raiden Revenge Free Download of Play store or this page. this Company: Tenda, GamesGenre: Adventure, Ratings:9.212, Note:4.1, ninja raiden Lats Updated: 01/08/2020.

Orochi was described in legend as an eight-headed snake with eight tails and a bloody and inflamed body that stretched over eight valleys. Orochi will resurrect and bring terror to the world every 100 years.

It is that horrible moment. Orochi has resurrected. It finally reached Wind village after destroying hundreds upon thousands of towns. Ninja Raiden, who is the last of the ninja warriors of Wind, is a descendant of Susanoo (the god of storms & sea who sealed Orochi).

He will now have to embark on a very difficult adventure in order to get revenge for the relatives he loves.


Orochi’s legend described a demon as an eight-headed snake that had eight tails and carried a continuously bloody, inflamed body. He spanned across eight valleys. Orochi will sow terror and rebirth in the world every 100 years.

The terrible moment is here. Orochi has been revived. After having destroyed hundreds of villages, Orochi finally reaches Wind Village, a village of ninjas. They knocked out all the warriors and left behind the frame.

Raiden is the last of the Ninja Warriors of the Wind and is a descendant of Susanoo. He was chosen to stop the Orochi by being the god of storms.

Now is the time to get into an adventure that will make you avenge your family and save the planet.


  • Combining elements from action, slash, RPG, puzzle adventure, and RPG.
  • Eight different maps, each with 96 levels
  • Eight powerful bosses battle a wide range of monsters such as zombies, monsters, and more.
  • Easy to regulate movement
  • Increase your character’s skill levels
  • High-quality graphics can be beautiful.
  • You can take on tough battles


An Android emulator is required to install NINJA RAIDEN RevENGE on a PC. Bluestacks is the best available. It will need a Windows 7 operating platform or higher to install it. Windows versions before seven won’t work. We can install Ninja Raiden Revenge on computers with Windows 7 or higher. We have broken it down step-by-step to make it easy for you.


The download link to the APK FOR ANDROID NINJA REVENGE is available at Apk Kure is the most popular website for APKS downloads. You can download all files from that website safely and securely. This file can be installed on your Android phone or in your PC emulator.

To install these files on your Android phone or emulator, you will need to enable the option to install apps from unknown sources (which is not Google Play). Follow this link to download NINJA RAIDEN ReVENGE APK.

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